Lines of Credit for substance
abuse treatment facilities
up to $5 Million

Use your Accounts Receivable to free up cash and invest in your facility

Lines of Credit

Borrow Up To 85% of your Eligible Accounts Receivable

Use the funds for any business purpose


Your Accounts Receivable are the only collateral we require

We do not require a traditional personal guarantee


This is NOT factoring

Factor companies purchase your receivables from you, often at half their value or less


Grow your business, acquire a competitor, or simply pay your bills.

Find out what you could borrow


To learn how you can increase your cash collections for your
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility
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Instant Line of Credit

For immediate cash needs, we can help

Borrow up to 25% of your Eligible Accounts Receivable
Simple process
Funds within 48 hours.
No site visit required



Our Revolving Lines of Credit require thorough due diligence, a site visit, and use of controlled deposit accounts.

Success Story

A Phoenix-based customer ran a stable and successful business, but the owners realized they were losing patients to a competitor across town that had recently opened a new facility. Given their long track record, they assumed their regional bank would be willing to provide them with a line of credit. Unfortunately, not only was the amount of the line insufficient to satisfy their needs, the requirement to provide personal guarantees was simply too much. With Inspira’s help, they successfully renovated and expanded their facility.