Consulting, Implementation & Training

Inspira can customize our services to your unique business needs, train your staff on best practices, conduct audits and process
reviews, or help your facility meet regulatory compliance.


  • Process improvementsDiscover ways to improve billings, efficiency and profitability
  • Data AnalyticsUncover unexpected insights into your business
  • Clinical Documentation Review & AnalysisOptimize your clinical documentation for the most appropriate level of care


  • CustomizationBring your specific business requirements with you
  • Data integrationMigrate your data quickly and easily into our systems


  • Financial clearanceEnsure Verification of Benefit's and pre-authorizations are processed accurately and timely
  • Clinical documentationWrite appropriate clinical documentation to meet the Insurers requirements and minimize delays and/or denials
  • Proper codingLearn the Art of Coding for behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities

Areas of Expertise:

  • CPT and ICD-10 Coding
  • Insurance Verification & Eligibility
  • Financial Performance Benchmarking
  • EDI Error Analysis
  • Denial Management
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Insurance Follow-up
  • Patient Collections
  • Accounts Receivable Review


Commit to Inspira's billing service by Nov. 30TH and we will advance $50,000 on the first day of service*


*Advance in the form of a loan custom-built for licensed behavioral health companies (subject to credit check, terms and conditions)

Success Story

"Having that line of money, it has given us that extra push to do marketing. We hired more marketers and currently we have 6 marketers where back then we had only 2. We have seen significant growth with the increase of the marketing team. In June-July, we had a census of 320 patients. Right now we have a steady 420 patients. So we’ve grown in the past six months significantly."

- Customer, Belinda Juarez, R.N. BSN, CEO