A line of credit helps the transition to a new billing company

Inspira offers a line of credit to new customersChanging the way your substance abuse recovery facility performs financial clearance, bills customers and insurers, and collects payments can be challenging. After all, this is the way you get paid and the way you pay your employees in turn.

That’s why Inspira offers new customers $50,000 (or the equivalent of your average monthly collections) — to avoid any disruption to your cash flow. That’s money you can use as a cushion for your business or cash you can use to grow it. The choice is up to you.


How It Works

Revenue Optimization is integrated with Inspira’s existing lending business, giving new billing customers access to loans and lines of credit. New customers will be given access to a $50,000 line of credit, subject to credit check, terms and conditions.

A line of credit is a type of loan that offers borrowers more flexibility and control than a traditional loan. One key difference is that a line of credit can be drawn down at the borrower’s discretion. If you decide you want to borrow more or less, you can choose what amount is right for you.

If you decide a line of credit is right for you, fill out our simple online form and we will take it from there.

Favorable Rates for New Customers

New billing customers will also be provided favorable rates, explains Marc Hecksel, Inspira’s CEO.

“By having direct access to a customer’s billing and collection records, we have more information than almost anyone else about their cash flow and their future revenues. That means we can underwrite a loan in less time and with higher confidence than any bank possibly could. It also means we can offer a more competitive rate because we have a better sense of the risks we could be taking. For us, better information means fast underwriting and lower rates for our customers.”

Learn More

Inspira wants to help our customers avoid the cash flow disruption that might be caused by changing billing companies. Contact us to find out how we can help.


Some terms and conditions apply.