Credit Education & Your Healthcare Business

Credit Education Month for Healthcare BusinessesIt’s Credit Education Month and at Inspira Financial our goal is to help you in your healthcare business success.

We don’t want you to go it alone – nor should you. Government agencies, universities, and other organizations, including Inspira, have a stake in seeing you succeed. When you thrive in your healthcare business, you benefit the community and the country by contributing with jobs, innovation and expertise.

Yet, a survey last year from the Main Street Pulse Report found many business owners, including those with medical practices, lack a comprehensive understanding of their financing options, especially when medical reimbursements trickle in. Key findings from the study included:

  • 80 percent of business owners don’t think banks do a good job at explaining how to qualify for different business financing products
  • 75 percent of business owners are unaware of their financing options
  • 66 percent of business owners don’t have a strong understanding of how business credit is calculated or how it is used by lenders

It’s not enough to hope your reimbursements will catch up with your demand. If you hope to grow your healthcare business, you need more options.

That why we created a free report on how you can improve your cash flow with four unique ways to get funding when you need it.

Go to to get your free copy today.