The future of lending
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Need capital to grow
your healthcare business?

We provide lines of credit
exclusively based on your Accounts Receivable.

We work together;
you grow, we grow.

Grow your healthcare business through a
Revolving Line of Credit

Need cash to run your practice?
We've got you covered.

Easy application. No complicated forms or onerous paperwork.


Inspira provides lines of credit exclusively for physicians and healthcare providers
based on their Accounts Receivable.

We work exclusively with healthcare companies.

You keep 100% ownership of your Accounts Receivable.

We do not require a personal guarantee.

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Success Story

"When you have a line of credit, it gives you peace of mind.
The line of credit is what lets me sleep at night. It's knowing that if there is an issue,
like the change to ICD-10, you have the extra funds available."

- Belinda Juarez, R.N. BSN, CEOSuperior Home Health and Superior Hospice