The 3 most important ways to control your business cash flow

- Loans to cover cash shortfalls
- Billing Services to collect more
- Software to increase your revenues

Inspira is the single financial solution for all your billing woes.Contact Us


Inspira offers a powerful cash flow solution for the substance abuse and addiction treatment industry.


Inspira offers a full suite of billing, consulting, and financial services
to the substance abuse and addiction treatment industry.

More than billingIncrease Your Revenue

Our service is unique - no one else lends, bills, collects, and improves your revenue all in one service

Our technology-driven service was built specifically for the complexities of the substance abuse and addiction industry to ensure you are billing for everything you do -- and collecting for all that you bill. Our software can dramatically reduce denials, unbilled services that you can and should bill for, and improves cash flow.




Flexible Loans to Improve your Cash Flow

Inspira helps addiction rehabilitation centers gain access to working capital through its broad portfolio of lending products.

Advanced Reporting

Inspira provides you 24/7 access to your own reporting dashboard where you can create your own customized reports specifically suited to your business.

Learn which insurers authorize higher levels of care

Forecast your revenues

Identify areas for improvement

Customized Service & Training

In addition to your own dedicated customer service representative, Inspira can customize our services to your business, ensure your staff understands how to use their new tools, and help your facility meet regulatory compliance.

Learn best practices

Compare yourself to your peers

Improve processes from intake to alumni

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Increase your Revenues

Inspira provides lending, billing and collection services exclusively to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States.


Success Story

"When you have a line of credit, it gives you peace of mind.
The line of credit is what lets me sleep at night. It's knowing that if there is an issue,
like the change to ICD-10, you have the extra funds available."

- Belinda Juarez, R.N. BSN, CEO
Superior Home Health and Superior Hospice